Increase Your Emotional Intelligence (sixth)

If we identify our emotions and learn to manage them, this increases our performance at work, We are more balanced and happier.

This is the last part where we train self-observation. So do your best, you are only one step to learn the most effective techniques to manage stress, anger, prevent depression etc.. . Keep in mind that personal growth is a job and needs your constant involvement. As we try to introduce new habits or want to change thought patterns or behavior established, the principle requires effort and perseverance.

Imagine that the car you have always taken the same route home and one day you decide that from now going to take a different route. Surely, some other day you are wrong and you turn to take the old route. That happens at times that we are not fully attentive and that is normal, we can not change patterns that have for years from one day to the next. However small changes that we are powerful and unleash many more without realizing we live a life very different, more conscious and cheerful.

Result car drive image

We will continue with self-observation at critical moments, this means always if we notice a change in moodExercise result image from happy / sad neutral / fearful / angry etc. .

We ask ourselvess:

"What am I feeling right now?”

We redefine the excitement / emotions present at this time, identify the part of our body, where we feel the emotion asking:

"What part of my body feel" that emotion "?

and we care about our thoughts wondering:

What I think / what I just thought?” always trying to put ourselves in the position of an observer without trial does not want nor can intervene, only observes.

After asking we observe our behavior: ” .What I do / what would I do?”

And now finally we look at our feelings as a result of our behavior:

“How I felt this?

Record your observations.

Thus during a week you observe all these components taking into account that self-knowledge will be your greatest weapon in anger management, the sadness, the fear, stress and prevention of emotional disorders. It will help you improve your relationships with family, and friends at work. also you work to increase your self-esteem and facilitate problem solving and decision making.

If you feel trapped or notes a constant presence of negative emotions like sadness anger an fear in a high measure during the obseravation, ontact me or other professional who can help you get to know the underlying causes.

There will be moments of low motivation and thoughts about leaving the program. Do not Let convinced by these thoughts, are patterns that work against change, to maintain the current status and stay in the comfort zone.

Greetings and hope you are you benefiting from the articles and exercises.

Melanie Gramer

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