Enter the peace of mind (EI method 1)

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So far we have worked to better know ourselves, our thoughts, emotions and we have seen how we behave in times of stress. From here we have powerful tools to manage our emotions.

It is important that we know and we realized that what we think and what we feel this strongly linked.

If you do not yet see this connection, make the following experiment:

Think of a pleasant memory of your past or some food you like a lot. Imagine in detail write down your feelings.

Now think of an unpleasant memory from your past and do the same.

Probably just observe what is happening in our mind influences a lot about our mood and the emotions we feel. Therefore we need to control our thoughts to feel good. If our thoughts most of the time revolve around issues, concerns etc., We can not wait to feel at peace with ourselves because we are constantly feeding fear.Exercise result image

So the first exercise is called: Enter the peace of mind.

Follow self-observation whenever you detect negative emotions like fear, furious, sadness, etc disappointment. Realize that you're fighting a war in your head.

Then try to get out of your head for a moment and try to observe your environment.

Describe it in your mind: Are there people? Animals? ┬┐Machines? Can you see daylight? Do you hear noises?

Realize that there are many things but there is no war, the world (in the vast majority of sites) is at peace.

Find your polite way to tell your own mind that war is a mental construct from reality and that you can see peace instead of this.

Watch your reaction and write it down.

Do not expect your mind understand directly all these things. In a process but every time you can more quickly recognize your mental war and propose peace. This way you reduce the amount of destructive thoughts and negative emotions, self-observation and practice aids that automate and long-term improvements your mood, improve your personal relationships, you prevent your self-esteem and not only mental health problems like depression, anxiety disorders etc.. but also physical health problems in 70-80 % They are caused or influenced by stress.

The program can not replace individual therapy. If you feel that your emotions overcome or if you experience many negative thoughts please contact me or other professional of your choice.

Melanie Gramer

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