Take responsibility (EI method 2)

Result image interpretationLast week we learned and experienced what we feel and think is our own inner fight, which it is something that happens in our mind and not outside of it. This knowledge leads us to the conclusion that everyone has to take responsibility for his own welfare. Around us situations may arise, people, comments etc. that trigger emotions like fear / anger / sadness / disappointment… . However it is never the event itself, but rather how we interpret these events which makes us feel like that.

I'll give you a example To understand it better: Three guys walk at night through a neighborhood of Berlin. The police came and asked to see documentation.

A person thinks: “I always have to show my documentation, Is it because I am of Arab origin, They do not trust me.”

A person feels: fury, Sadness

Person B thinks: “I hope you do not find any problem with my passport, Good that I have”

Person B feels: Fear, insecurity

Person C think: ” It is nice that there are so many police presence at night, We can feel safe”

Person C feels: Security, Joy, Relief

The way we interpret events depends on our past experiences and our mental patterns, like “how we think and what are our ideas of the world and ourselves”. Therefore we can say: “Switch to yourself and change your world”.

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Over the next week try to integrate that idea over and over again in your mindsets.Exercise result image

Whenever you feel negative emotions and you realize you're trying to blame someone else or the situation itself mentally repeat the following sentence:


and remember it is true that everything you think and feel is just the way you see and interpret the situation, are your thoughts, your emotions that arise within your mind and body and you are the one / the only / that can change.

This is a very powerful tool that we take responsibility for ourselves. And take that responsibility means getting the power for change. As I think I'm a victim of my environment I put myself in a helpless position, I empowered to take responsibility to start making the necessary changes in my life and in my mind for greater personal well-being.

The long-term exercise along with exercise last week will help to calm the mind and to modify schemes established. You are learning to manage your emotions and this means that you are preventing psychological disorders such as depression or anxiety disorders, you're going to increase your performance at work and improve your social relationships.

The program can not replace individual therapy. If you feel that your emotions overcome or if you experience many negative thoughts please contact me or other professional of your choice.

Melanie Gramer

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