Anger management (method 5)

Anger is present in each of us. Like other emotions, anger also has an important role in our lives. Anger helps us defend our rights and demand situations of injustice. But often we react angrily to situations with lower “vital” importance. Often we harm others with our behavior by saying something, that hurts them. Whenever we feel anger and we get carried away by emotion, a stress reaction in our body is triggered that can have long-term negative health consequences.

Anger management tool:Exercise result image

If we feel the anger we try to uncouple the behaviour from the feeling by allowing some time to elapse before starting to act.

The exercise is simple but very effective: Every time you're really angry at something or someone start counting 10 –> 0 before saying something or act in any way.

The anger management helps to not deviate from the facts in discussions in a private or professional environment. This makes it easier to find a solution to the problems and to maintain a good relation to the environment.

If you notice that you feel a lot of anger in everyday situations and you find it difficult to handle it on your own, you can just go to my office. In a individual session you will find out the factors that produce and maintain your anger and your will find a way to improve your situation and get more calmness and serenity.


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