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Counseling for depression

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Author: Melanie Gramer | date: Tuesday, the 26. July 2016 | category: consultation


Depression is not an isolated phenomenon, 18 percent of the german speaking population is affected by mental stress and 6 Percent suffer from depression.

Every tenth woman received treatment in her live because of her depression, for men it is every sixteenth. If someone is affected by depression, typically he reports sadness, pessimism, a feeling of worthlessness, and a lack of energy and joy in everyday life.

There are different types of depression: Depression Mayor, Dystimia (chronic depression with low severity), Season-related depression and adaption disorder. Depression can be due to an acute life crisis such as loss of a family member, develop financial difficulties or problems at work. Chronic diseases such as cancer, heart- or kidney disease, HIV or Parkinson and chronic pain can also lead to depression. Sometimes depression can also be present without there being evidence of a clear trigger.

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Symptoms of Depression

As someone a depression is experienced always individual. Symptoms may include fatigue, low self-esteem, reduced or increased Appetitt, concentration problems, sleep disorders, his irritability and / or sadness. When faced with a depression that is a challenging situation. It is good to know, that there are excellent treatment options. You do not walk alone through this difficult time. I am at your disposal as a support to the side while I give you proven techniques and methods to the hand, which let the depression behind.

Treatment of depression

The treatment is individually tailored for your case from various proven techniques and scientifically proven methods. In addition to cognitive behavioral training particularly the Mindfulnesstherapie has proven.

Cognitive behavioral training

The Cognitive Training finds its basis in the CBT (KVT). CBT is a type of psychotherapy which according wissenschaflticher examination results is one of the most effective forms of treatment for depression. During each meeting we are working together to identify the patterns of thought and behavior patterns and to understand, associated with depression and their maintenance. In the next phase it comes to implement the desired changes in both cognitive and in the behavioral habits and you thereby a more positive attitude to himself, to reach their environment and future. KVT is a technique, focusing how we think and / or act on it. It assumes, can affect mood lingering that nonfunctional patterns of thought or behavior patterns. It is one of the best-tested treatment options for depression and is known for quick results to achieve. Negative thoughts are challenged, asked habits in question so that is learned to deal effectively with the problems of life.

Mindfulness- and Awareness Training

With some patients, it makes sense to use "Mindfullness Training" to the healing process to facilitated. The Mindfulness Meditation is a way to work with emotions and learning how to deal with them. I share a process in three phases:

Bewusstwerdungsphase: You get to your negative thoughts and destructive thought patterns consciously becoming. Mindfulness is used here to initiate this awareness of the thought process and the feelings. This enables you to build a certain distance from your thoughts and to act as observers. This is the basis for the second phase.

change phase: The aim here is to let go of old thought patterns and to incorporate new ideas. Are consciously trying out new ideas and concepts that act against the negative thought patterns during the Depression. I will help you to develop a new way of thinking, the old, problematic patterns, have been identified in the Bewusstwerdungsphase, counteracts and thus the depression weakens more and more. They are becoming more aware of your own so more "self-confidence" develop and Straheln the outward, is a process of change, which I gladly support you.

The resolution phase: Here we will explore, how well the new thought patterns work in your everyday life. Moreover, it comes consciously perceive the changes in thinking and thereby obtain the progress and to ensure more. You might want, if you have depression only control still continue to work with me to gain changes in other areas or stop the treatment. I respect your choice to take either short-term or long-term counseling treatment claim.

If Need help, Contact Me:

If you are interested in cognitive behavioral training, am Mindfulnesstraining, have meditation or a general consultation to depression do not hesitate to contact me. I was able to help many people to break the cycle of depression and am available to my knowledge and experience available.

The most important, to be aware of depression is, that help is available. If someone in your family suffers from depression, contact me or another spezielisierten psychologist or psychotherapist.

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