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Get to know me in a free initial consultation and we will find the best way for you.


Models of counseling:


Quick solution: 30 min Textchat, Audio Call or Video call or reply to an e-mail.

Prices: 29 Euro

Particularly suitable, when a rapid response is desired to an acute situation or agreed an accompanying counseling after an extended consultation period.


Long-term solution: 50 min per week Text Chat, Audio Call or Video Call.

Prices: 49 Euro / Session

Particularly suitable, if you want to edit an already long-standing problem.


Personally: Counseling in my office in Alicante.

60 Euro / Session (offer: 500 Euro/ 10 sessions)

Particularly suitable, if you live in Alicante or surroundings.


If you need help, but you are in a difficult financial situation, please contact me.


I look forward to our first conversation.


Melanie Gramer