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Overcome depression and sadness (EI – method 6)

Image result sad faceMild depression or feelings of sadness can occur in difficult moments of life. After the end of a partnership, an illness or the loss of a loved person etc. Like other emotions sadness also has its function. When we are sad we got off the activity and allow the necessary time to recover emotionally and adapt to the new situation. We receive consolation and support of our family and our friends who can see our depression. The emotion helps us to communicate our needs to the environment and that they respond to our needs.

If depression lasts for a long period after a triggering event or if there is no event that has clearly triggered the emotion, it may be recommendable to get professional help to identify the factors that keep depressed mood. Then you can change life while changing your , behavior and especially thought patterns that lead to a well-being and so you will feel more in harmony with youself and can enjoy your life.

Result pencil image happy mouth

The following exercise is based on the theory that we can evoke emotions by activating certain muscles of our body Exercise result imageThey are responsible for producing the mimic the belonging to the emotion . This theory has been scientifically proven.

The motto is “fake it until you make it” (-):

The moment you detect feelings of sadness or despondency, sit on a chair. When we are sad we have less energy and the body falls in or slightly forward. We first correct this posture and sit and raise our torso with shoulders back. Now put a pencil in your mouth and teeth and bite lightly to hold it and feel like a smile on your face is shown. Fix your attention to your posture and breathing. Repeat mentally and very quiet three times the next sentence: “I can feel fine now.”

The program can not replace individual therapy. If you feel that your emotions overcome or if you experience many negative thoughts please contact me or other professional of your choice.

Melanie Gramer