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3 key points to be less rushed and more calm

Hurry is only a mental concept. A state of stress that is induced in the body when the mind thinks it has a too limited time to do what we have to do. The problem is not in doing things in a faster way but anxiety and worries that go through our minds as we act. Now we talk about 3 key points to keep in mind if we increase inner peace and reduce stress in our lives.


  1. Structuring the day. Make a plan in the morning for all the tasks you want to perform during the day and prepare a schedule for each task. Be generous and make your plan with enough breaks, If you notice later that you have many breaks and spaces in your plan, you can draw up a list of less urgent activities that can take place when you have time. It is also important to plan short breaks and to really make them if its time to do them.. Find your own rhythm, some people need a lot of very short breaks like 1-2 minutes. While others work better if they have fewer interruptions but longer breaks like 5-10 minutes.
  2. Living here and now. When you perform a task, not let your mind go away from the present moment thinking about the tasks that come later, but focus on living here and now. You have a limited attention span and while thinking about future tasks, you are creating stress because you focus on tasks that you have not already done. . Live here and now and trust your planning and that you will have enough time for all of your tasks.. To improve care in this, you can apply the technique of mindfulness, This means you bring your attention for a moment to your breathing, physical sensations or your perception. How does it feel what you're touching? What do you smell? What can you hear?Result image be present


  1. Change the thoughts. When you feel harassed, Realize that hurry exists only in your mind and that anxiety does not help to be faster or do things better. Thank him for warning that you have a limited time to carry out the task and that if necessary and possible rate increases. But try to maintain peace in mind and not to be carried away by fears (therefore you see my article: To present peace to the mind). Who works concentrated and with inner peace, makes fewer errors and has higher quality results.Mandala image results flow

Every day worth betting on us and our dreams. Remember that change can only occur in the now, the past is gone and the future has not yet arrived. The constant practice of these key points will bring more peace, patience and greater well-being.

If you are a person who often feels rushed, or a lack energy, you're under pressure or notes that there is too much negative stress in your life, please contact me to arrange some individual sessions. Often with professional help you can reach major change and prevent burnout, anxiety disorders or depression.


Greetings and see you soon,


Melanie Gramer