Psychological counseling online without waiting time
Psychological counseling online without waiting time.
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Trust as the basis of successful advice.

We are looking forward to it, to get to know you.

We specialize in that:



Stress/ Burnout



Our focus is on a holistic approach, those based on cognitive behavioral therapy and integrative, scientifically recognized forms of therapy.

We support you with a lot of empathy and professional tools, to find solution strategies for your current situation and to discover new possibilities for your future.

Use your development opportunities:

When you've found your way here, there is certainly a situation or an internal state, that are burdensome and you can see, that they demand a development from you.

Developing means allowing change, Change perspectives, Recognize and let go of painful thoughts and behavior patterns. But it also means breaking free, to breathe deeply, discover yourself and create a new version of yourself.

Your deepest pain and your greatest fear can turn into a new feeling of self-determination, Transform strength and freedom.

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We are looking forward to it, to get to know you in a free initial consultation.


I was looking for help after a long struggle with myself, because I had a disturbed behavior towards me and especially towards my eating habits all my life. Melanie was sympathetic to me from the beginning and I was able to gain confidence quickly. Your exercises and methods have led to a huge change and improvement in my situation in a very short time. I notice every day, that my entire way of thinking has changed and I can look to the future with a good feeling. It may sound corny, but I was never as happy as now in my life.

Michaela, 29

Melanie is an excellent psychologist, with a great analytical ability. She recognizes your strengths immediately and uses them , that they are more and more and serve you as a guide or reference. At the same time she shows you well-directed tools and techniques, that helps you to start important aspects, which would sometimes be disregarded. Both together with their skill and eloquence make them highly recommended and indispensable in any process of starting a business, where it is important to locate energy sources and getting the best. Without a doubt a great expert in their field with brilliant leadership.

John,49 entrepreneur

From the first moment, Melanie made me able to feel comfortable und to trust her. From 3rd session I was able to stand for my self and make an important decision. After that she guided me till I was able to find my self again.

A., 26

When I met Melanie my life was an absolute mess and despair. Melanie accompanied me objectively, non-invasive and rational in my change, so that I realized in every moment, what happened to me in my work and therefore also in my personal life. The Online- Consulting has simplified my therapy, because I am only available to a very limited extent. Highly Recommended. Thank you Melanie!

Mayte, 39 The Bank Director

I have decided, to work with Melanie, because she has a very pleasant dealings, where I immediately felt very comfortable, to discuss some topics, the slowed me in my personal development. Gradually, she searched for the point of conflict with great sensivity. And thanks to their orientation, I now feel that I am on the right track and, above all, that I am in harmony with my strengths and weaknesses. But where she stands out most, is her warm and polite dealing, which led to feel myself comfortable even while talking about the most difficult issues.

Patrick, 46 Independent

In Melanie, I have found a person, who is empathetic and completely trustworthy. Her consultation program to anxiety and depression was very effective and helped me recovering my love of life and vitality. I really recommend her.

Johan, 71 pensioner

From the first discussion Melanie created a strong atmosphere of trust that has enabled me to share openly my thougths without fearing any judgement. In a few sessions she helped me grasp new concepts about my behavior and personality that gave me food for thougths. The exercises are also quite helpful to reflect on some of my actions and I am looking forward practising them in the future. I am definitely willing to continue my therapy with her in the future.

Louis, 36 author

I would like to thank Melanie. She has achieved improvements in only one consultation, that I could not reach with other experts during months . Therefore, I recommend you, to try her free session and her offer. She has the ability of listening and profound understanding, what is going on in the inside of the person opposite. I am sure, she can help you to expose barriers as well, that block you or prevent you from progressing in a certain area. Thanks Melanie.

Christina, 42 Personal Trainer

I first got in touch with Melanie and her team when I was struggling with some persistent worries in my life, and her warm responses and insightful questions helped me to feel better within a single conversation. By asking the right questions, she helped me gain new insights into my thoughts, values and relationships. Her advice helped me to be consistently happy again.

Sjors, 29

I felt overwhelmed with my current life situation and had difficulties to get rid of my recurring thoughts spirals. Melanie was very friendly from the beginning and has given me the opportunity initially to describe my situation. After two conversations, I felt a lot better and was able to laugh again at my previously so great worries. At this point, it really helped me to get my thoughts and feelings from a different perspective. In difficult situations, that will face me in business and everyday life , I would turn to her any time.

Dorina, 23 medical student

Melanie was on in my difficult time for me, I thank her, that she helped me to put me against my fear. I had panic attacks, with whom I did not know, how to deal. Then I ended up searching the internet on their side. Everything went very quickly and after a few conversations, I knew, how can I make myself against my fear. I really felt good in therapy. Melanie I can only recommend. Thank you for everything.

That, 27 mother

I chose Melanie because, living outside my country I thought that, if she also resides outside her country, she would better understand my situation. Being Spanish in Germany and she German in Spain. And that circumstance has surely helped. But I think what has helped the most is the balance between her great empathy and understanding and her ability to see my insecurities, the main problem, coupled with their way of guiding me gently but leaving the reins of my process for myself falling into account the real causes of my situation and find the necessary impetus to make the necessary changes in my life. And all this from an accompaniment patient, constant and respectful. I recommend it 100%.

Lidia, 40 doctor

With symptoms such as sleep disturbance, Loss of appetite and mood swings that time I sought contact with Melanie. I had learned of the possibility of online psychotherapy and wanted to make a more accurate picture me thereof – though I was not disappointed! In the first conversation with Melanie, I felt very comfortable, their friendly and open-minded way gave me confidence and helped me, to open up and talk about my problems. Melanie brought me to this with a lot of patience and empathy, reflect on my emotional value and accept myself for who I am. Meanwhile, I have developed new ways of thinking, which enable me to deal with many situations more easily, as was previously the case. I can only recommend Melanie! Thank you for everything!

Christoph, 29 official

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Online advice offers several advantages over personal advice in practice.

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To visit a psychologist, one does not have to suffer from a mental disorder.

Often there are changes in our lives, which bring us out of balance.

The feeling of not being able to cope with a situation or a anxiety, who have been with us for many years

accompanied, can give the impetus to, to find a solution with professional help