Patricia Castaño (Lic. Psychology, MA)



I am a psychologist with more than 10 years of experience. My methodology is based on an integrative perspective between the Cognitive-Behavioral current and Systemic Therapy. What's more, I am specialized in Coaching. I have worked as a Psychologist in person in various centers such as CISF (Murcia), Caritas (Murcia). UNER (Alicante) o Cranium (Torrevieja). Nevertheless, for a few years I have been working independently and I focus on the therapy modality on - line, that brings many advantages with respect to the place of the consultation and the time, thus creating maximum availability and flexibility for my clients.


Therapy with adults:

Over the years, I have specialized in Stress issues, Self esteem, Anxiety, Overcoming Trauma, Depression, Burnout syndrome, Relationship Problems and Emotional Dependence. The client's situation and their vision for their future will determine the main focus of therapy.. The purpose may be to find a solution or decision to a current situation, learn techniques to manage stress until you want to embark on a deep journey of self-knowledge and personal development. According to the client's objective, techniques and tools are chosen that function as the vehicle that takes you to the desired place.


Therapy with children and adolescents:

In my work with children, I focus on the Family as a fundamental pillar of therapy, giving them the keys so that they can help their children themselves. In the case of adolescents, Coaching is a technique that adds a lot of value, since it teaches how to structure thoughts, set objectives and consequently generate strategies to follow to turn the future into that place desired by the person.