Melanie Gramer, psychologist B. Sc., MA

A Personal Journey:

We all have a resume and distinguish ourselves through our studies and our title. but in addition, each has its own story. I would like to describe you mine briefly, for psychologist means to be for me, not only to have acquired a title, but it is part of my own personal life experience.

I was a shy, introverted child, rather anxious and sensitive. In my youth, I began to notice, that I, although I myself all my goals reached ambitious, I was not really happy. I started to deal with my eating habits intensely and hardly managed to avoid an eating disorder. In the following years, my fears increased and I had the urge to learn to understand myself, which finally led me to study psychology. At the age of 19 began a phase of chronic pain associated with severe depressive mood and social isolation and so I came at the lowest point at age of about. 22 ., and I wished to go back to sleep and never wake up. Every day was an ordeal, I was physically exhausted, in the study hardly receptive, had social anxiety about the future and leaned myself into my existence. But there was a turning point. I decided, to fight no more against my situation, but I know. I started my pain, my fears etc. and began to work hard on my way of thinking. Gradually I changed my behavior and my thoughts and managed, to accept myself more and more, as the person, I was. My physical pain became less and less, the fears disappeared and I began to feel myself more alive. As if a veil was lifted, who blocked the view for me all the time. For the first time I felt happyness, love and gratitude. From this point in time, the way was easier, of course it was a long process, which included setbacks, but I have gained confidence in me, to deal with difficult situations. Today I can say, I am the person, which was always hidden within me, that I discovered my talents and use them for the benefit of all people, who ask me for help. I am happy, healthy and fulfilled in my job and I look forward, You my knowledge, my personal experience, and the experience of my long-standig consulting work with many different clients.


Professional background:

Basic studies (B.Sc. Psychology) 2007 - 2010 at the Rheinische Wilhelms University in Bonn Friedrichs

Master (MA Sc. Psycholgie): 2010-2011 at the Rheinische Wilhelms University in Bonn Friedrichs

Master in Clinical Psychology and Health Psychology (ISEP, Valencia): 2011 -2013

Psychologist in various facilities, such as school psychological service, Rehabilitation clinics and psychological private hospitals.

Independent psychologist in Alicante and online.

Expert on emotional intelligence and psychological components in language acquisition.

Expert for Entrepreneurship, Stress management and burnout in cooperation with EPV (Emprendedores de Pantalon Vaquero).

Expert on relationships and relationship coach, Work as a radio announcer at "HappyLifeTalk".


Operation and methods:

Cognitive behavior therapy or cognitive behavioral training:

I work mainly with the accepted methods of cognitive behavioral therapy and methods of Mindfulness- and Awareness Training. While the cognitive behavioral training achieved quick and effective results, the Mindfulness- and awareness training goes beyond the treatment of current symptoms and also initiates a path of self-awareness and the deep healing.

specialties: Depression, emotional hurdles in a business start-up, Stress and burnout, relationship building, Self-awareness development.

In my workshops and lectures I have repeatedly pointed out the self-love and self-knowledge as a healing mechanisms.

If you are unsure, if I can help you in your specific situation, contact me without obligation.

The Counseling online is very efficient and offers many advantages over the conventional treatment. Meanwhile it is used by many psychologists and psychotherapists and scientific studies support their success.

In all counseling data privacy protection and generel obligation to secrecy is valid.


Opinions and recommendations