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Author: Melanie Gramer | date: Friday, the 19. August 2016 | category: consultation

The burnout syndrome (chronic stress syndrome)

Stress/ Burnout

Deadlines, a bad working atmosphere, but also high expectations and personal goals can be mentally stressful and lead to chronic stress. The typical Burnout syndrome is often described as Manager illness, but can affect all occupational groups and even housewives or unemployed.


Symptoms of Burnout
Causes of chronic stress / burnout
Cognitive behavioral therapy / Cognitive behavioral training
Mindfulness- and Awareness Training


The typical symptoms are a feeling of being burned out, and a lack of energy and motivation. Often this situation is accompanied by depressive mood and can, if it is untreated, lead to depression.


The causes may be complex. In addition to genetic predisposition, especially external stressors play a role, such as lack of compensation for everyday working life, extreme demands and stress-inducing situations, and much more responsibility, but also chronic physical diseases or anxiety can cause, a feeling of burnout.



Cognitive behavioral training

With the help of cognitive behavioral training, the environmental factors are considered mainly and initiated changes, that lead to a a stress reduction. Furthermore relaxation methods will be used to eliminate the mental and physical over-stimulation and finally thought patterns are analyzed and changed accordingly, to achieve a balanced state of mind in the course of treatment. We follow the principle, that a situation itself does not induce stress, but our thoughts regarding this.

The cognitive behavioral training can be done personally or in online meetings.

My proven ANTI – BURNOUT program can be used for the treatment as well as prevention of burnout. It consists of selected treatment techniques, which have proven to be the most effective in scientific studies of modern clinical psychology. Depending on your personal situation, the program is tailored to your needs. In 10 sessions you will receive extensive counseling and training. If you are interested, please use the contact form. For questions please contact me at any time.

Mindfulness- and Awareness Training

In many cases, the program for stress reduction and behavioral modification is sufficient. However, sometimes it is useful to go through this step and also to work on the inner attitude and a more conscious way of life. In this way, a deeper understanding is possible and relapses can be prevented even more effectively. The Mindfulness- and awareness training deepen the knowledge gained with the cognitive behavioral training and renewed the understanding of yourself and your body, so you can go more self-confident through life.

Both the ANTI- BURNOUT program, as well as an extended version with mindfulness and awareness training, you can perceive in online counseling -. It is also possible to book individual sessions. In any case, please use the online form to request an appointment. I will be glad to answer any questions you might have.


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