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A relationship requires work and it must always be mastered small and big challenges. The everyday stress can negatively impact an intimate relationship and jeopardize their stability. Yet, as long as both partners are willing to address the problems and to work on a possible solution, Most relationship problems are to get a grip. Only if inconsistencies remain unaddressed and build inevitable tensions, habits and behavior patterns develop, which put the health and longevity of a relationship at risk. The longer this goes on, the more suffering both partners and the more urgent it is, that professional advice is sought.

"Back to love and appreciation" my program I designed for psychological counseling online. This program is based on techniques of cognitive behavioral training and mindfulness- and awareness training and is aimed at couples and spouses, who feel, that have been lost love and appreciation in their relationship. A large role is played by communication problems, personal fears and situational stressors, such as illness or financial problems logo

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The influence of stress on the relationship
Psychological aspects of relationship problems
Psychological counseling online
program ” Back to love and appreciation”

The influence of stress on a relationship

A relationship is charged, if the couple or even one of the partners in stressful circumstances is. This may be very different situations. A chronic disease, for example, can affect the well-being of both partners. Also, different beliefs about education of children, Policy or different expectations can lead to serious crises in a relationship with for problem communication. But smaller disagreements and disputes long run destroy the harmony and mutual affection. Financial difficulties, communication barrier, experienced controversy over getting the same topics, emotional distance, loss of confidence, Sexual Problem etc.; In most relationships, we find one or more factors, the potentially negative or even destructive effect on the relationship. If the proportion of positive communication and mutual respect and appreciation is dwindling, the relationship not a place of well-being more, but turns into an ordeal.

If we understand, however,, which are the negative influences, we can work together on a real change and bring the love and mutual respect back into our relationship. Feel free to individually, or as a couple, arrange a personal consultation with me. If you are interested in the program "Back to love and appreciation", For more detailed information below.

Man-depressed-embracingdepression.org_[1]Psychological aspects related to problems in the partnership

A happy relationship is supportive and a source of strength for both partners. However, when it comes to, that unresolved problems and tensions in the relationship are so onerous, that the relationship energy consumed by both partners, then it can become a source of discontent and resentment and thus even the emergence of serious mental disorders, such as depression or anxiety, contribute. Relationship problems can adversely affect the self-confidence and feelings of shame, cause anger or guilt. alcohol also- or drug addiction may be associated with problems in the relationship and ultimately, other family members, especially the children, be affected.

stress and partnership

Case study of a relationship conflict

Marina and Thomas are both in their 30s. You start couples counseling, because they argue frequently. The survey results, that the disputes Although verbal run exclusively but are emotionally. At the meetings, both are involved, However, avoid the mutual eye contact. They interrupt each other, but seem to be the considered normal. they report, they argue about "everything" and "stupid stuff" . Both express a wish, "Keep going" the relationship. We work together with the "Back to love and appreciation" program. They improve their communication. Retracted thought patterns and expectations are revealed and discussed. Possible solutions to be developed and agreed common objectives.

Psychotherapy for problems in the partnership or marriage

photo-1464907466832-03a17549b345Couples often seek marriage- or counseling, if the problems in the relationship affect the functioning in everyday life, or when one partner or both are uncertain, if they can maintain the relationship / want. They often come up with the idea, that the (online) psychologist, the psychologist, can somehow help, if they do not know exactly how. Other couples come to improve their communication skills with the desire, to deal with new situations to learn in their lives or to clarify, who is with his opinion in the legal. A psychological consultant will use during consulting neither side and end the decision a relationship or carry on always lies with the parties involved.

The aim of the consultation is the relationship to save and preserve. Many couples are surprised, how they manage by their own doing and using the advice, your relationship, which stood on the brink of, to transform into a fulfilling partnership. A partner relationship, which is characterized by trust, Love and appreciation, which thus represents a source of energy and of well-being, in can be realized both partners.

In some cases it is recommended an additional individual psychological work with partners. Relationship problems are often personal unresolved conflicts, that are lived in a Relationship.

program: “Back to love and appreciation”

My advice program ” Back to love and appreciation” is in 10 meetings held. Both partners must be present here. There are two individual sessions. The program may be extended or changed according to the situation at hand.

In any case, I respect the desire of couples to limit themselves to this program, or work BEYOND with me on the quality of their relationship.

  1. problem Analysis: Problematic structures are identified in the common conversation and analyzed.
  2. Possibly. further analysis. We start possible alternatives for the problematic behavior to find.
  3. Individual consulting Partner 1.
  4. Individual consulting Partner 2.
  5. Techniques of cognitive behavioral training for the relationship.
  6. Techniques of cognitive behavioral training for the relationship.
  7. Communication Training: Express feelings. accept criticism etc.
  8. Communication Training: Goals and desires. compromise.
  9. Mindfulness and awareness in a relationship.
  10. Rekonsolidierung.

You may agree or contact your preferred date with me me anytime. Individual sessions are available. I look forward to it, to support them.


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