Psychological counseling online

Advantages of Online - consultation:


Flexibility: Select the location of your consultation!

You don't need a car or public transportation to attend your meetings. You can do the counseling online easily from home.

Of course it is important, that you are undisturbed during the counseling. Choose a time when you are alone in the apartment or retreat to a room, in which you will not be disturbed during the counseling.

Uncomplicated: Save time!

Especially for business people or very busy people, this form of psychological counseling is a real alternative. Sessions can be flexibly booked and if necessary also moved. Do not worry about traffic jams or delays train, you won't lose time on the way.

Anonymity: Select the degree of anonymity.

Often it is an inhibition level to overcome and to embark in Counseling. For many people it is also unpleasant to consult a psychologist in their region, because they fear being seen by acquaintance and getting into trouble in explaining. To avoid this inconvenience, take many long lines in department.

In our individual meetings you can contact me via chat, phone call or video call, that means. You can choose the desired level of anonymity and choose the best way for you. In my consulting any personal attitude is respected.

Free choice: Select a psychologist , that suits you.

over a personal advice. It is important, to have confidence in my psychologist or my psychologist and to feel comfortable in talks. So I offer always a free introductory talk at. This is not binding and can show you, if you can imagine to work with me. You can arrange your free initial consultation (about. 20 minutes) here.

Effectiveness: Let us convince you of the incredible results!

Many studies have now shown, that online therapy is equivalent in the effectiveness of a personal treatment.

Please refer to the advice of my clients, or convince yourself of this very special review.

For whom the psychological counseling online is suitable?

Basically there are no limitations, everyone can benefit from psychological counseling via Skype. Nevertheless, there are groups of people, who have a particular advantage of this form of counseling:

  • You are very busy: Consulting or coaching via Skype saves time.
  • You are very motivated: In a personal meeting room is designed, so that there is no interference or distractions. If you notice your session online is up to you, To create these conditions.
  • You think progressively in a new spirit of the times: The psychological counseling online is becoming more popular. persons, not previously had the opportunity, to work with highly qualified psychologists or coaches, now get access. The selection will be larger and the chaff is separated from wheat. People with full schedule, or rather shy character now also have the option, within its borders, to get psychological support.

Psychological counseling online is possible via email, Whatsapp(Call), facebook messenger or Skype.