Sabrina Lackner, Psychologin B.A. BSc., MSc.

Integrative Therapy


Stress management and burnout prevention, depressions, Fears and compulsions, Psychosomatics and Eating Disorders, separation, Divorce and partnership, Death and sickness, Promoting the self (Self love, Self worth, Self-confidence).

Operation and methods

I work with the recognized procedure of integrative therapy and from it with different methods, which can be specifically adapted to the respective person with their individual problem, in order to be able to help you effectively and in the best possible way.

Basic elements of my work are promoting self-awareness and perception as the basis for personal development and for improving health.


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I came to Ms. Lackner in a very severe depression and she helped me to get out of this difficult time.

I really thank you for your excellent work!!

Sven, 42 years, Construction industry

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My fears and worries overwhelmed me. Until I get to Ms. Mag. Lackner came, who helped me with a lot of love and commitment, face my fears, instead of running away from them.
Thanks a lot for this!

Christina, 25 years, Office clerk

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My symptoms have improved significantly through the treatment of Ms. Lackner, they are almost gone. I am so happy about it. Would not have expected that, that it will still be possible.

Ingrid, 40 years, Housewife

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Getting advice online was an experiment for me. I did not think, that this is possible and that it really brings something. But I have to say: I was not right, it works really well and i'm very happy to have this opportunity.

Markus, 23 years, Lagerist

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Thanks to Ms. Lackner, I was able to turn my back on my eating disorder from time to time. Thank you very much for your constant efforts, to take the time for me, when i was in a crisis!
Great thank you!!

Martina, 35 years, self-employed

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For a long time I struggled with my depression, until I go to Fr. Lackner came. She helped me a lot with her approach and her possibilities, to free myself from the clutches of my illness.

Melanie, 23 years, Student

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Fr. Lackner is a young psychologist and therapist. At first I thought to myself, whether that is good. Experience and such. But what a fallacy. Fr. Lackner is an incredibly healing person with a large pool of knowledge and a great feeling for those around him.
Thank you for everything!

Andrea, 52 years, Teacher

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A Personal Journey

That I have studied is obvious from my academic degrees and is part of my job. That is important - very clearly - but it is even more important, that you know, why i have this profession, now more likely this calling, chose for me.

And so it all started somehow with my school days, which was marked by bullying experiences such as teasing from classmates and injustices, which I had to experience through two teachers. In the time of upper school in high school, where I was bullied by a teacher, I developed psychosomatic symptoms and more and more feelings, not being good enough - because I tried, that she liked me, but had no chance. So looking for help and unsuspecting, we ran from doctor to doctor, who insured again and again, that there is nothing. But I knew, that it can't be - pain every day. And so psychology came into my life, which had helped me in addition to the use of medicinal and alternative medical procedures, eliminate my symptoms. And so I started psychology and education (Educational- and educational sciences) to study and myself for the beneficial effects of nature and animals, that will accompany me throughout my life, to employ more. After completing my master's degree in psychology, I began studying psychotherapy, to make being human a bit more understandable for me. During this time I was confronted with many life issues, some of which were very difficult: with multiple deaths, serious illnesses of very close relatives, with a serious accident involving a very close relative and how to deal with these consequences, with stressful partnerships, with the feelings not good enough, to be not beautiful enough and not important enough ... And so my life was always shaped by stress, from which I learned, to emerge stronger. From this career I developed my own form of therapeutic work and would like to pass on my healing experiences to people, who feel, not knowing what to do next.

Today I am happy and very grateful, to be the person and to have experienced that, what I have experienced. I am happy with what is for me the best man on earth, I work with people and animals and have achieved that, what I wanted to achieve and have been able to make the most of the unchangeable in my life. Knowing too, that we all come back to life with life again and again- and development issues are confronted, which can be difficult and stressful. And that's exactly where I want to be there for you. I want to share my knowledge with you, my experiences in total meanwhile 7 Years in the field of counseling and psychotherapy with children, Pass on to young people and adults and the healing methods and resources that have emerged from them.

Professional background

2009 – 2012  Undergraduate studies in psychology (Bachelor)

2009 – 2013  Basic studies in pedagogy (Bachelor, Educational- and educational sciences)

2012 – 2015  Master's degree in psychology

2014 – 2015  Psychotherapeutic propaedeutic course

2016 - Up to now studies in Integrative Therapy

2020 –  to date additional training in psychotherapy in the context of children and adolescents

Additional training

  • Personality diagnostics, Advice and self-management
  • Traumapädagogik
  • Media-based psychotherapy
  • Riding education
  • Equestrian therapy
  • Animal psychology - focus on horse psychology
  • Numerous equestrian Aus- and further training - rider pass, Reiternadel, Rider license R1, Trail riding badge, Trainer for educational support with horses, Dementia trainer with horse, Horse health trainer, Freedom dressage trainer & circus gymnastics

My professional experience

  • SOS Children's Villages - Socio-educational-therapeutic flat-sharing community for boys
  • Psychosomatic Clinic
  • Social psychiatric day center
  • Center for therapeutic riding
  • Visiting professor at the Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt
  • Trine - development- and business consulting
  • AVS - Psychosocial Counseling Center
  • Intensive family care youth welfare office

Current professional activities

  • Rehabilitation clinic for mental health in Klagenfurt
  • Private psychotherapeutic practice
  • Coaching & Horse psychotherapy

If you are not sure, whether I can help you in your current situation, then contact me without obligation.

In all deliberations, Coachings and psychotherapies are subject to data protection and the general duty of confidentiality!