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Increase your emotional intelligence (fourth part)

In this article we want you to know the following aspect of the self-observation. So far we have set our emotions, we define and identify the place of emotion with reference to our body. In this week apart from these three components add the watching our thoughts at critical moments. Thoughts and emotions are intensely linked. If you think for example that something bad happened to you feel like you felt at that time, only because you think at this. Our thoughts are very powerful and often we get carried away by them instead of having the reins and decide what we think and therefore feel. We feel helpless against its power. But you can learn to manage thoughts and emotions to a certain degree and are on our way to learn the necessary tools. The first tool is self-observation because we need knowledge about ourselves because everyone is different and individual.

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Exercise result imageThis week we will continue with self-observation at critical moments, this means always if we notice a change in mood from happy / sad neutral / fearful / angry etc. .

We ask ourselvess

“What am I feeling right now?”

We redefine the excitement / emotions present at this time, identify the part of our body, where we feel the emotion asking:

“What part of my body feels “that emotion”?

and now we care about our thoughts wondering:

What I think / what I just thought?”

We try to put ourselves in the position of an observer without trial does not want nor can intervene, only observes. Stay there a moment watching your thoughts, Imagine you were the thoughts of another person, Look at them from a distance and perhaps the attraction notes you have, how they try to convince worry about something or that something it has been unfair etc. Do not judge yourself or your thoughts, they are not even true or false, Do not enter into discussion at all, currently only realize that they are there. When you notice that you have a lost sight of the observer (which it is very normal at first) or you are judging, notes and observed again.

This exercise will increasingly getting closer to knowing, how your mind works. Is the information necessary to properly manage emotions. By following this program with patience and love I promise you are going to notice major changes in your life.

If you feel trapped or notes a constant presence of negative emotions like sadness anger an fear in a high measure during the obseravation, ontact me or other professional who can help you get to know the underlying causes.

There will be moments of low motivation and thoughts about leaving the program. Do not Let convinced by these thoughts, are patterns that work against change, to maintain the current status and stay in the comfort zone.

Greetings and hope you are you benefiting from the articles and exercises.


Melanie Gramer